Systematic Theology [Telugu]

  • Emmanuel Akepogu was born in a pastor's family and was born again in 1990 through the preaching of his father. He studied at Bharath Bible College B.Th and B.D. He has also studied M. Th at Asian Christian Academy. He has been teaching doctrines for the last 24 years in various Bible Colleges in both Telugu and English and trained about 3000 Pastors. He serves as a Pastor- Teacher of Calvary Bible Church, Hyderabad.

  • This systematic theology book in Telugu is on the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. There are ten subjects, such as God the Father, Jesus Christ, Bible, Holy Spirit, Angels, Man and Sin, Salvation, Church, and Last Things. The author has written from the historical orthodox Christian faith perspective, not moving even an inch from it.

    The aim of this book:

    1. The glory of God.

    2. Teaching believers the doctrines so that they will come closer to God and be protected from false teachings.

    3. Advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.